Care and Maintenance

The proper care will extend the life and beauty of your Joliegirl virgin hair.


Inspect the hair upon receipt. Any issues with the product should be noticed at this time.

Adhere to the following instructions prior to installing or making changes to the hair.

Pre-Installation Instructions:

Step 1. Co-wash the hair with a moisturizing conditioner
Step 2. Rinse thoroughly with cool water
Step 3. Gently scrunch hair to reform curls.
Step 4. Air Dry (Do not blow dry)
Step 5. Install (professional installation recommended)


After installing the hair, wash hair regularly with a quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Thoroughly brush out knots before washing or co-washing. Air dry. Keep hair moisturized with a quality leave-in moisturizer or oil after every wash and between washes as needed. Use styling products minimally to avoid build up. Avoid Alcohol-based products.